Source code for djangorest_alchemy.inspector

Functions to reflect over SQLAlchemy models
from sqlalchemy.orm import class_mapper

[docs]class KeyNotFoundException(Exception): """Primary key not found exception"""
[docs]def class_keys(cls): """This is a utility function to get the attribute names for the primary keys of a class # >>> class_keys(Deal) # >>> ('dealer_code', 'deal_jacket_id', 'deal_id') """ reverse_map = {} for name, attr in cls.__dict__.items(): try: reverse_map[[0].name] = name except: pass mapper = class_mapper(cls) return tuple(reverse_map[] for key in mapper.primary_key)
[docs]def primary_key(cls): """ Utility function to get the primary key of the class. In case of multiple primary keys, use the <classname>_id convention """ has_multiple_pk = len(class_keys(cls)) > 1 if has_multiple_pk: # guess the pk pk = cls.__name__.lower() + '_id' else: for key in class_keys(cls): pk = key break if not pk in cls.__dict__: # could not find pk field in class, now check # whether it has been explicitly specified if 'pk_field' in cls.__dict__: pk = cls.__dict__['pk_field'] else: raise KeyNotFoundException("Could not figure out primary key field" "for %s model. Tried to first use %s as" " field name,and then looked for" " pk_field attr which was also missing" % (cls.__name__, pk)) return pk